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About Sun and Moon Originals

Q: How long have you been making meditation cushions?

A: Sun and Moon Originals was founded in 1990. We're now in our 29th year of operation. See our about us page for the story of our beginnings.

About our Products

Q: Are the materials used in making Sun and Moon Originals products organic?

A: Yes, we carry organic cotton versions of many of our products.

Q: Do I need to do anything special when I wash my Sun and Moon Originals covers?

A: Please follow the directions we give for washing the covers of our meditation cushion covers. Please note that the Natural color Fabric Covers have a higher shrinkage rate than other colors, so cold water washing and low drying temperatures are recommended.

Q: My cat peed on my Sun and Moon Originals Zabuton! Can I put it in the washing machine and dryer?

A: We don't recommend that you put your Sun and Moon Originals Zabuton in the wash. Try hand washing it as best you can and give it some old fashioned solar cleansing (i.e., leave it in the sun for as long as you can).

Q: Can I get a custom Cosmic Cushion™? I'd like one even smaller than the Low Loft model.

A: Yes, Sun and Moon Originals will be happy to make a custom Cosmic Cushion™ for you.

Q: I know Sun and Moon Originals sells yoga bolsters. Do you have yoga bolster covers, too? What about covers for the rest of your product line?

A: Yes, we do sell the cover only for most of our products. Please check current price and color availability for cushion covers only by phone or email.

Q: I ordered a cushion several months ago and now I would like a zabuton mat in the same color to match. Will the fabric be the exact same color?

A: Sorry, due to variations in dye lots of our 10 oz. cotton twill fabrics, we can't guarantee that the color shades will match your previous orders. If matching colors is very important to you, please contact us and we'll mail you a current swatch of the color you're interested in. As an alternative, you could order your zabuton or other cushion in a complementary shade to your previous cushion instead of the same shade.

Q: Where are Sun and Moon originals products made?

A: Our shop is located in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. We fill and ship our cushions to locations around the world and we still do much of the stitching and cutting of cushion covers from here. We also partner with a small factory in India to dye fabric and stitch some of our products for us. Whether your cushion cover is made domestically or in India, we always use the same high-quality raw materials to create a cushion that is designed to last for many years.

Q: I see you offer two fillings for many of your cushions, what is kapok fiber?

A: Kapok fiber is a silky substance that surrounds the seed pod of the Ceiba tree which grows primarily in Asia. Kapok is has a softer feel than cotton and does not lump or mat down like cotton. The strands of the fiber are filled with air which is why this material is so buoyant and was used in the manufacturing of flotation devices for many years. Kapok is lighter weight than cotton, is hypoallergenic and odorless. It resists mold and mildew. The fiber is harvested off of already existing trees in the wild and the tree is not damaged during harvest. All of these attributes combine to make kapok an organic, sustainable and high quality material to fill our meditation products with. Visit our materials page for more information.

Q: OK, now I know what kapok is. How about buckwheat?

A: We offer buckwheat hulls as a filling for many of our cushions. Buckwheat is a disease resistant crop that requires no pesticide use and can be grown on otherwise unprofitable soils. It provides nutrients to depleted soils as well. We use a byproduct of buckwheat, the hulls, to fill our meditation cushions. Buckwheat hulls are a long lasting biodegradable filling. They provide great airflow to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Visit our materials page for more information.

Q: What types of fabric do you make your cushions with?

A: For our meditation cushion line we use 10oz. 100% cotton twill in a variety of colors. This fabric is the same style used to make denim work pants and will last for many years. Our organic fabric is Eco Certified and is a 10oz. cotton canvas weave. The liner for our products that have this feature is made with unbleached and undyed cotton muslin fabric. Our eye pillows are made with a Stonewashed rayon that looks and feels like silk, but is not an animal byproduct. Visit our materials page for more information.

Q: Some of your products are offered in both deluxe and economy versions, what is the difference?

A: Any products with the word "Deluxe" in the title feature removable covers that you can take off and wash. Products with the word "Economy" in the name don't have liners, and don't have removable covers. They are surface wash only.

Ordering from Sun and Moon

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy?

A: You can see our Privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy

Q: Will I receive a tracking number so I can check on my Sun and Moon Originals order?

A: Yes, you will receive a tracking number for your order from either UPS or USPS once it has been shipped.

Q: I live outside the United States? Can I order Sun and Moon Originals products?

A: Our website will process international orders for all products. Your order will ship via USPS Priority Mail International.

Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

A: We are a small company and take pride in our generally speedy turn around time. We do, however, make many of the items you see on our website to order here at our workshop in Shelburne Falls, MA. Most orders ship within 3 business days but if we have to make your purchase to order it may take an extra day or two. We encourage anyone with a date deadline to make a note of this in the comments field when you place your order so we can make every effort to get you your purchase by the date that you need it.

Q: Do you offer volume or group discounts?

A: We offer group discounts to institutions, centers, yoga studios, meditation groups and other organizations. Minimum order is 6 or more of the same item, please visit our discounts page to learn more.

Q: Do you wholesale your product line?

A: We have many wholesale customers and would be happy to speak with you about carrying our products at your business. Please visit our wholesale page for more information.