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Cotton Twill

Outer covers of most of our products are made of heavyweight, 100% cotton, 10 oz. twill that is commonly used for pants and coveralls - very sturdy and durable!

100% Organic Cotton Canvas

All of our organic items are covered with cotton Canvas.  This fabric is certified organic and bears the quality symbol of SKAL international sustainable textile products.  The square EKO ST symbol is an international quality symbol for CU sustainable textile products.  It is used when raw materials originate from organic cultivation and are processed using the sustainable textile production methods.



Cotton muslin

Inner casings of our deluxe" products are made of 100% unbleached cotton muslin.


Used instead of silk in our eye pillows for those who prefer cruelty-free products. Made out of processed wood pulp, but looks and feels just like silk!



A natural biodegradable plant fiber that is sustainably harvested from the majestic Kapok tree.  It is more resilient than cotton and will not mat or lump, like cotton. Kapok is lighter and easier to carry, and gives firm, buoyant support.

Buckwheat hull

A natural biodegradable grain hull, a by product of buckwheat groats and flour production. It conforms to the shape of your body for a grounded feeling, and the little air pockets between the hulls permit airflow to keep you cool.

Cotton batting

Carded sheets of recycled 100% cotton used in our zabutons, bolsters and bodywork mats.

Flax seed

A conformable filling used in our eye pillows for a smooth, luxurious feeling.

Lavender buds

Dried lavender buds are used to naturally and gently scent our eyepillows.