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I ordered zabutons in 2002 for use in our Yoga and Meditation center.

These zabutons have been used by 14 – 16 people 3 times a week for the past 13 years. Not to mention the retreats that are held regularly with minimum of 30 – 50 people.

There is not a tear, a loose seem or any other damage to any of the zabutons,after so much use.I can only express how happy I am and have been with the workmanship of anything I have purchased from Sun and Moon Originals.

It gives me great happiness to know all who have bought cushions from our Yoga Store will have a very long lasting product.

Thank you Brian and staff for you dedication to the quality of your products and your commitment to service.

Barbara Ross, Calgary August 2015

I recently ordered one of your Cosmic Cushions along with a mat, and wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my purchase. For years now, when I have tried to sit cross-legged on the floor, my right leg has caused me discomfort, and no other cushions or adjustments I've made seemed to help with this. I figured it was some kind of sciatic issue, and decided to call your company and get some advice about whether your products could help with this.

I spoke to Brian when I called, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and gave me some advice for correct sitting when in meditation, as well as about the right cushion to buy. It has been wonderful - my leg pain when sitting in meditation has been eliminated, and my sitting posture also has significantly improved. So happy with my purchase.

Victoria, via email September 2013

After using your cushion for almost a year I can say it is a miraculous thing! My meditation practice could not have been so pleasant without it. Many thanks! 

Yael in Israel, via email June 2013

Many thanks for creating such a great cushion! Incredible service!

Jane, via email August 2012

Your Cosmic Cushion is such a wonderful addition to my practice...the quality of the zabuton and other pieces is impressive.  I am fortunate to have done business with your company.  

Carol, via email April 2011

I simply love my Cosmic Cushion, it is very comfortable- and a great hip opener too.  Meditating each morning has become sheer bliss, I like the fabric, I like the color, like the shape.

Petra, via email July 2011

I appreciate our phone conversation and getting to know a little bit about you.  It is a pleasure doing business with someone actually involved and caring about their business.

Paul, via email November 2011

Received the Cosmic Cushion it! Perfectly Comfortable, luckily it came to the door at a time I could open it up and use it right away..I really love it, thank you. :)

Catherine, via email December 2011

I received my Cosmic Cushion.  I've used it twice and it's working great.  No pain for the entire sitting, fantastic.  Also, thank you for the prompt delivery.  I ordered it Friday, you sent it Monday, it arrived here Tuesday. 

Scott, via email

What a wonderful difference your Cosmic Cushion makes. No pain for a full hour. Thank you.

Ann, Ogden, UT

The workmanship is beautiful. I've noticed that I'm already sitting up straighter!

Bridget, Houston, TX

Dear Brian, I gave the Cosmic Cushion and zabuton to my boyfriend for his birthday - he loves them! They are great! He says they are much better then sitting on the low wooden bench he had made several years ago. I appreciated the speediness in mailing the cushion. Thanks again!

Diane, via email

Dear Sun & Moon Originals, I just wanted to say that I received my Cosmic Cushion yesterday and have already taken it for a couple of test drive meditations. It makes meditating in an upright sitting position very comfortable. It seems to make quite a significant difference in my posture, and thus the quality of my meditiations. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Jim, via email

Thanks so much!!! This is such a wonderful meditiation cushion - my body is not fighting my meditation practice as it was - much more supportive and effortless.

Bekka, North Hollywood, CA

I received the mat today and I believe that it's exactly what I wanted.  It turned out better than I imagined actually.  Thank you for making it and getting it here to me on such short notice! 

Matthew, via email

Thank you for your help.  Please pass along to your IT team that your website is so easy to use.  I have such difficulty getting items shipped to Hong Kong even when I am told that the website can handle our address  You guys should be very proud of your site!!!

Adrienne, via email

Late last year my husband and I ordered two cosmic cushions from your company. You were very helpful in answering our questions before we placed our order. We want to say THANK YOU. They are not only beautiful and well made they are the best cushions we have ever used and we have tried various meditation cushions throughout the years.

Helen, Florida