Our small family-owned company, Sun and Moon Originals, is the designer and manufacturer of the Cosmic Cushion ™, the planet's most comfortable meditation cushion! Its patented ergonomic design has been helping beginning meditators as well as long-time practitioners sit in comfort for over 20 years!
Designed for balance, clarity and comfort

We are dedicated to making high-quality products to enhance your practice of yoga and meditation. The many shapes, sizes and designs of our meditation cushions, zafus, zabutons, yoga mats, and bolsters are designed to help you fine-tune your relationship with gravity. We also feature Back Jack chairs, yoga blankets and cork blocks and yoga straps and various other yoga and meditation products.

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We offer a 25% group discount for yoga and meditation teachers, yoga studios, meditation centers, schools, prisons, ashrams, hospitals or other institutions. Minimum order is 6 of each item. Please call us at 1-800-775-8639 to quality for a coupon code for this discount.